Apple iPhone X User Faqs

Is this mobile better than samsung note8
These two phones belong to different religions and it's not correct to compare. Both have their own fanbase and you can't go wrong with either.
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do it support both 4g volte sim at same time?
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its charger and 8 Plus charger difference? ?
No, both are same
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how is the battery backup of this phone ??
Excellent. With normal usage it lasts for the whole day with single charge.
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it this have finger print scanner
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Which phone is more better s8 or iphone x?
Depends on your approach on mobile. If you want stability over phones and Operating systems go for iPhone. If u are more over the Customization and free stuff then look no further than S8
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Can I download any songs or videos with this phone for free?
You can subscribe to Apple Music which has a large library of songs. The subscirption price is quite reasonable. It is around INR 120 per month and cheaper for students.
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Why is it not a fingerprint sensorr?
Because It Is An Iphone X My Dear Sir, That Is The USP Of It. Your Face Is Your Password. If You Want A Finger Print Sensor Go For Iphone 8 Or Else Enjoy The Phone, Its Pretty Cool.
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which body part do i have to sell to afford this phone?
Hey You don't have to sell a body part to own this phone.U jst have to work hard earn good & go for it If then also its not possible, u just have to own a credit card with good limit, & buy with EMI
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any heating problems about this phone
nope.... little bit of amount is heating ....who's cares....
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