iPhone 13 User Faqs

Is the exchange offer mentioned for sake? It never allows to buy with exchange
It totally depends on amazon please call to customer care of Amazon
Posted by deepak sharma on 10-02-2022 at amazon.in
how can i avail it on installment on 24 months
I recommend you to use your credit card for that transaction
Posted by deepak sharma on 10-02-2022 at amazon.in
Baja emi card par iPhone kaise milta hai
Select emi option to buy
Posted by shauvik panda on 07-02-2022 at amazon.in
Product battery
On the moderate use it will last a day and in heavy use, you have to charge it twice in a day..Again it’s based on the usage of the person
Posted by Raja on 02-02-2022 at amazon.in
Is iphone 13 good for bgmi let me know
Yeah it will be great..But most of the people won’t try to play heavy games in the iphone
Posted by Raja on 02-02-2022 at amazon.in
Whitch Date?
Posted by Ritwik Chawla on 31-01-2022 at amazon.in
Difference between iPhone 12 and iphone13
iPhone 13 have new camera modes also night mode selfie ,smart hdr (amazing)nd new features like brightness level up ..Battery life increases
Posted by Simran M. on 22-01-2022 at amazon.in
Does the box come with ear phones
Posted by Alok Tripathy on 17-01-2022 at amazon.in
Can i get 128 gb variant?
Posted by Deepak Angadi on 12-01-2022 at amazon.in
How is the camera performance?
Fantastic! It’s not easy to answer your query about performance. In general iPhone 13 camera is awesome and provide great portraits in day and low lights with support of cinematic mode for video. But then iPhone 13 pro camera is best and better than iPhone 13 due to bigger lens size and support for macro photography. S… see more
Posted by Tarun Gupta on 20-12-2021 at amazon.in