iPhone 13 User Faqs

Is airpods free for students
No its not free!
Posted by Vishal Aggarwal on 05-12-2021 at amazon.in
What is the actual discount if we use hdfc debit card
You can check it on website
Posted by Zeeshan ali on 04-12-2021 at amazon.in
It is water proof or not?
Yes it's waterproof
Posted by Simran M. on 21-11-2021 at amazon.in
Does it support apps like youcut, photoshop Express etc
It supports every app available on appstore
Posted by Gulshan Khanna on 08-11-2021 at amazon.in
Have 5g?
Yes it does have 5G.
Posted by Gulshan Khanna on 14-10-2021 at amazon.in
Is this ios14 or ios15?
iOS 15, the Current software version is 15.0.2
Posted by Vamsi on 12-10-2021 at amazon.in
This phone is out of stock why?
This product is way too good and that is why.
Posted by Mohamed Fahadullah on 10-10-2021 at amazon.in