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Not worth the money - average phone 3.0 stars
Posting the review after using the phone 2 month - - Overheating issue . - Camera quality average - Phone started hanging , screen gets blank so you have to reboot it to fix it. - no wireless charging. Could me more better at this price range . I was not expecting these problems with brand like One plus. ~ Disappointed
Posted by harshita1701@gmail.con on 24-02-2022 at
OnePlus 9 5G 5.0 stars
One day i wanted to buy OnePlus phone and finally i bought it and got delivered on 11th Feb so now Im writing this review after 10days won't go for long review in short I do that actually I was so confused go for OnePlus or not after reading all reviews on Amazon and watching videos on YouTube many problems was mantion on review hope you people checked that tha day I'm using this phone i won't found 1) better draining issue pls use 4G sim if u using 3G sim phone get heating issue 2) no overheating issue 3) Alexa working fine but not like Google 4) camera perfect 5) this is India OnePlus software international phone have wireless charging that I'm Missing in this. 6) In the phone dialler slide left u can see call recording some saying function not available. I don't know you people think of OnePlus 9 5G phone but I'm saying OnePlus 9 5G is the perfect and excellent phone The most important I got this with great offer by Amazon Rs.8000/ discount + 2000/ on credit card and old phone exchange another Rs.10150/ really it's big discount I got it. One more thing any one thinking to buy OnePlus 9 5G phone please don't wait for long please go for it right now I hope you people help this my review thank you and go for it......
Posted by RATNADEEP MANDREKAR on 20-02-2022 at
OnePlus - Settled 3.0 stars
OnePlus has stooped so low. This model >50K doesnt have OIS. Third camera is useless why keep it, could have save money somewhere else. I bought this as an upgrade for OP 6. This has disappointed me. Performance and battery life have improved but that's expected since it's almost 4 yaers from my previous phone. Also Indian model does not have the wireless charger. So in short the price keeps increasing but they dileberately leave out somethings at this price range unlike before and therefore they have settled like other phone companies. Software is still good though, the only reason why I brought this phone.
Posted by Bob on 11-02-2022 at
OnePlus is still fast and smooth. Lets hope they stay so 5.0 stars
Note that I bought this device at around 35k with discounts. 1. Camera. The rear primary and ultra wide cameras take some great shots in good light. The dynamic range is good enough for a smartphone. The background bokeh and subject separation specially in potrait mode is top notch. The colours turn out natural and towards the warm side. One nifty little feature is that the 50MP ultra wide turns into macro automatically if you are close enough to the subject. This gives some truly detailed shots. Front camera isnt much of an improvement over last gen OP devices (I used OP6T). Its fairly consistent with the shots. 2. Performance. Inspite of the merged Oxygen and Color OS and though I faced several issues after initial update to Android 12, most of the issues have been ironed out with quick incremental updates and security patches. As a result the OS is still snappy and responsive aligning with the core ideology of OnePlus - fast and smooth. Also, there aren't as much bloatwares as some other manufacturers are still pushing. I'm a regularuser mostly with occasional intensive tasks like 4k video recording and editing, playing memory intensive games like genshin impact etc. Have not faced any issues so far. 3. Looks. I know it is subjective and they should have given a metal frame and a matte finish on the astral black colour, but nevertheless as most of us spend time with our phone inside a case, not a deal breker for me. 4. Audio. Dolby atmos in stereo speakers do make a difference. There is good balance and audio separation ia good with a fairly loud yet rich sound. 5. Display. A 120hz AMOLED with HDR support is expected and it is commensurate. Though, OP should have opted for an E4 or E5 panel to save some precious juice. Also, OnePlus if you are listening, please give us the widevine L1 support so that we can truly appreciate the great display. 6. Battery life. This is one area where several optimizations can be done and improvement is expected. That being said, it gets me to around 5hrs to 5.5 hrs of SOT where the batery falls to around 15-20% so can't complain much. 7. Software updates. Recently OP has confirmed 3 years of major OS and 4 years of security updates for this device. Let's hope the rumoured H2O OS is the most refined version of OOS and ColorOS and it comes out globally in future. This is another area where OP needs to show its mettle that they actually didn't settle.
Posted by Avik Mukherjee on 09-02-2022 at
#Speedy Master ; #Cool Display 5.0 stars
My primary choice of OP9 is speedy performance and fantastic display everytime I handle and is justified. Performance - Amazing, no more lagging, always speedy. Thats power of SN888. Screen Quality - Fabulous display, deep colors pleasant to eyes. 120Hz refresh rate is again cool feature. Touch experience - No words to explain, so soft like anything. Fingerprint Sensor - Again very fast response, never seen before. Camera - Hazzleblad is improved in color science to the photos, to me just better than older OnePlus series. Front camera is same. I prefer best camera is Samsung S20Fe and S21. Heating - I see heating issue when we use camera, other than it is very good in heat management. Battery Life - Very good for the premium range phone. Much better than my OnePlus 7 Pro. Charging - Just charged phone in 40mins in 100%. Another cool one. OS - Oxygen OS is Oxygen for OnePlus phone. Might have feature water resistant, victus screen protector. I bought for 37K, I feel it is worth. Thanks OnePlus.
Posted by Anbarasu V on 10-01-2022 at
Never buy any OnePlus phone in future 1.0 stars
I had OnePlus 7t that started giving me problems after updates of software. Phone started restarting and eventually became dead. Visited service centre they asked for 18k to replace the mother board even after that problem continued. So I decided to buy another phone this time OnePlus 9, 12 GB, 256 GB storage and all that advertised bullshit. After 3 months of usage phone behaving weird after update. Getting complete blank screen, hanging due to even notification. Battery drains so fast like a blink. Serious Advice: Stay away from OnePlus phone what ever version it is, choose other brands. Quality is not the same as it was before.
Posted by Manoj Sardar on 05-01-2022 at
Flagship, value for money phone!!! 5.0 stars
I am using this one plus 9 winter mist 12GB 256GB version phone since Oct 2021, delivery was on time. Phone box is of king size!!!, feels premium. Also got 7.5k instant discount besides that 3k discount was on MRP and got 13k for my old one plus 6t so it actually cost me around 32k. Too good offer for such a flagship phone. Just opened the box and my eyes can feel the shine of new phone. Its looks justifies the true flagship phone finish. Overall I can give 5 star to one plus performance, OS and camera quality.
Posted by Chaman Kungria on 28-12-2021 at
Good for 36k 2.0 stars
Performance The phone is fast but it throttles like hell when you push it hard!! It even too hot to touch and hold thats SD888 but the issue is exponentially increased because of the use of plastic body ( very bad condutor ) with not even a metal frame!! If you want to release an expensive model( One Plus 9 Pro ) increase that's performance or features not downgrade the specs of another phone (One plus 9). Camera The camera is mediocre, you can get good results with Gcam. Video is fine in good lighting conditions. The colour science is pretty bad equalent to the likes of MI and it's aggravated by the fact it doesn't have a camera with OIS. Display Pretty good amoled panel with 120z refresh rate but the gripe is sub 20k phones offer displays with 1200nits peak brightness. I don't get why people rave about this even when they gotit for 50k is incomprehensible !! Get the phone if you know about the downsides
Posted by Prakash on 26-12-2021 at
Received the faulty product and phone doesnt even switch on 1.0 stars
Phone is not getting switched on from the time of unboxing. Tried to charge for few hours but still the same issue. Immediately contacted customer care for either replacement or return due to faulty product. But the experience is horrible and frustrating. Their return policy states to perform some tests which is totally irrelevant. Despite the phone not getting charged, I have been asked to contact them back after 4 hours of charging. I had contacted them back after waiting for nearly 2.5 hours and updated the status on nothing is happening even after charging more than 2.5 hours. I am getting a standard statement line "We need to follow the procedure in this regarding so that i am requesting you to kindly charged the product for complete 4 hours after that we will help you with the issue.i am keeping the chat window open for you." After making me wait for 4 hours new story started. They informed me that they cannot raise the replacement request until the technician will visit and certify. Only then the replacement process will start. Appointment is scheduled after 2 days. If this is their process, they could have booked for the appointment when I reached out them with issue. These companies are playing with customer sentiments. Still awaiting for their technician to arrive and certify. Please be extra careful and cautious while buying expensive items from Amzon. Their customer support is not like earlier. Now I am regretting the decision to upgrade to Oneplus 9. Seems to be a old stock and now I am stuck with this worthless product. Old phone also returned to them and now struggling to make use my sim without the spare phone. All thanks to Amazon and OnePlus.
Posted by Pradeep Kumar C K on 14-12-2021 at
Phone gives overheating warning even after doing many updates. Disappointed with purchase 3.0 stars
I upgraded from OnePlus 6 looking forward to a better experience, but this phone has disappointed big time. The phone feels a bit sluggish at times with 12 GB of ram, and constantly gives overheating warning even with a few basic apps running. Doesnt feel like a premium phone at all. I sincerely advice to look at other phones in this price range.
Posted by ashwin on 22-11-2021 at