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Huawei Mate 20 Pro User Reviews

Best phone of the era. 5.0 stars
A very ergonomic, robust and best quality phone available in the market. Has features which even the Samsung, iPhone do not have. Great speed, smooth to work between apps, great phone for multi tasking. Battery life is great. A full charging comes for. Me for solid 2 days.
Posted by Abel Shalom on 02-03-2019 at
Overall amazing performance 5.0 stars
I was looking for a good phone with Camera, good battery life, less heating problem after issues started with my Samsung S9 and IPhone7.. Finally after lot of research I bought Mate20 during it's initial launch in India. Now I am writing my personnel review after 3 months use..First of all hats off to Huawei for Amazing phone, I would say it is King of smartphone. Amazing battery and super-fast charging, Good camera and personally explored Mate camera in many occasions, lot Improved technologies like reverse charging etc, No heating issue in 3 months span compare to Samsung. Suggestion for Huawei to improve selfie camera like Pixel3 in upcoming variant which makes Huawei the best of smartphone industry.
Posted by Sankeee on 01-03-2019 at
Over all experience good 5.0 stars
I like camera
Posted by Raghu on 17-02-2019 at
Awesome phone 5.0 stars
In screen finger print sensor is a little slacky... But overall an awesome phone... Great 4 night shots and overall performance is just top notch... I don't know why Huawei decided to put one of the speakers in the USB charging slot... That must be a design limitation... But makes the sound a little flat... But other wise just a great phone.. Better than similar priced Apple or Samsung products
Posted by Brijesh Bankoti on 05-02-2019 at
If you have the money, close your eyes and buy it. Outstanding phone! 5.0 stars
It is an outstanding phone! The battery goes for 2 days for me and thanks to the super charger, it hatsly takes 40 minutes to reach full charge. Camera is incredible and the phone looks so premium. It actually the fastest phone in the world as of now (feb2019). The phone is super snappy and nothing slows it down. Highly highly recommended!
Posted by Ankur Sahai on 05-02-2019 at
Best phone and one con I identified from 2months review 4.0 stars
Bought mate 20 pro on December 5th 2018. Pros:Best phone with so many features that you can explore, awesome camera, better battery life and good screen.

Con:The only con I saw was, the in screen finger print recognition is not good its hard many times for quick access.
Posted by Jagadeesh on 05-02-2019 at
Amazing! 5.0 stars
After the latest updated ( this phone has become a super-phone!
Fantastic as my daily driver for battery life, charging speed, camera, in call sound quality and build quality. Now only if they did something about the restrictive features of EMUI - does not unleash the full potential of ANdroid PIe.
Posted by shethsa on 04-02-2019 at
The best android phone money can buy... 5.0 stars
The best android phone money can buy. Not an iPhone not anything else but a Huawei phone. Crazy battery life, amazing crisp display and a camera so good that you will forget your digi cam or a dslr. This comment box is not enough to explain the entire experience with this phone.
Posted by Romit sengupta on 28-01-2019 at
Excellent phone 5.0 stars
Excellent battery life and charging speed
Phone is fast, display of also very nice. The only negatives are
that the dual speakers are of very good quality but are just not loud enough
And the wireless charger offer wasn't available for the first customers
Posted by Maha on 26-01-2019 at
Review of Huawei Mate 20 PRO after 2 months of Usage. 5.0 stars
One of My Fav ❤️ Smartphone of the Year 2K18. Its the Combination of Both Samsung Curve Screen and Iphone Face ID which uses the TrueDepth camera and machine learning for a secure authentication solution in Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The Battery life is Just Insane, which gets upto 6hrs S. O. T. In-display fingerprint works 90% of the Time, Just remember not to use Screen ya Tempered Glass. Worlds 1st 7nm Chip in 2K18.

Cons :- Front Camers Sucks...
Posted by Rαנ Mσɔʟε on 21-01-2019 at