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Huawei Mate 20 Pro User Reviews

Do we need Dslr.. Proudly say we have Huawei Mate 20 Pro... 5.0 stars
1. Beautiful looks... slim to hold...
Blazing fast performance thanks to kirin 980 7nm very fast is more fast than Snapdragon 845....Innovative hardware....
2. Network connectivity superb...
3. Curved Display looks gorgeous... watching movie and you tube videos on it its superb Experience...Gorgeous Amoled HDR display.
4. Loud speaker well enough to hear the ringtones as well as music...
type c earphones works well...
5. Indisplay fingerprint scanner quite fast but face recognition is super fast.
6. Battery 4200 mah is mind blowing... Super fast charging in 30 min 70 percent charge...heavy usage 1 day battery stays and average usage min.. 2 day battery stays with the phone....great battery life
7. Camera is Amazing... dslr like images comes out... portrait... low light... AI feature...ultra wide angle camera is fantastic... Brilliant photos comes out...
Huawei has really done its bit to push forward mobile photography. it's taken a number of years but the high profile partnership between the company and German optics brand Leica seems to finally be producing immersive results. One of the best smartphone camera out there as well as favourite phone of 2018, it should no surprise that the Mate 20 Pro once again impress with its photography skills.
All rounder phone with beauty and brain...loved it... The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a phone that you'll simply fall in love with.
Posted by Shekhaar on 06-01-2019 at
Network issues 3.0 stars
Very good & beautiful phone but bad network reception, probably weak modem. Returned it. Had same issues with P20 pro which I noticed after the return window was over
Posted by Kumar on 06-01-2019 at
Truely the king of dmart phones 4.0 stars
Wow.. First of all I was skeptical about investing so much money.. Then I said, screw it and went for it. Totally not disappointed brothers. Here are my 2 cents.

Best pro: ip68 water proof. I took it into the water stream and all my friends were surprised. Too much fun.
1. Kirin processor 980..the 7nm chipset definitely is faster than my sd 845 mobile. I hv a mi mix 2s. Also consumes less power, hence long lasting.
2. Best in class gpu. You can play all high end games with out any lag.
3. Main feature is the camera. I think the attached pics will say it all.
4. Bundled Software: huawei health, hi vision are too helpful. I m still getting used to EMUI.
5. OLED screen. Boy this is so cool to look at. Mid day sunlight and still it is bright af. Cript 4k videos as well. Loved it.
6. Super fast charging. 36 minutes from 0 to 100 when screen is off).
7. Dual 4g support. Yep I can my idea as default isp and still use jio.
8. List can go on, but i m bound with number of letters.
1. Sound port: it is same as the charging port. So if the phine is on charging, sound gets muffled.
2. Emui needs update to reach to "switch mobile network". Now i need to navigate inside settings to change that.
3. Notch design. I fking hate it. Phone has the ability to omit that, but still I m losing some precious screen space.
4. Not really a con, but 3.5 mm jack is missing.

I hope this will help you decide the right phone for you. Peace.
Posted by Omie on 05-01-2019 at
Perfect flagship 5.0 stars
Huawei have done pretty amazing job with this phone. This is an absolute beast with so many features. Premium feel, great looks, really cool camera and so many good features.
Only thing which is not convincing is the reverse wireless charging which is a gimmick. Overall this is a great phone with great features.
Posted by ashok mukherjee on 05-01-2019 at
Monster of a Mobile ! 5.0 stars
I have ordered this on January 1st, expected a Wireless charger as Gift but was little disappointed.

This is based on my couple of days of use. The mobile itself feels premium in hands with its colour (Twilight Blue rocks too bad you will end up covering it's gorgeous back with a case). You definitely need a strong case to protect this mobile as I see this could cost a fortune for your carelessness.

In the hands it looks bit tight, slightly lighter than Note 8 or 9, it's Notch definitely takes some amount of top display.

Overall build quality if not like iPhones, it is definitely premium like Galaxy range mobile.

Display is one of the best. Curved edges reminiscent of Galaxy mobiles. AMOLED really peaks your eyes with popping colours. Display options allow you to play with tones. These are becoming increasingly standard now a days.

Performance is excellent so far though I am no Gamer or heavy video user. No sign of lagging when doing many things.

Camera is simply the best out in the market. There is absolutely no competition so far. Low light, portrait, landscape all coming out with great amount of detail and accuracy in colour. Haven't tested video recording. You may need bigger storage option because each portrait itself occupies 8 MB.

Wireless charging is good, battery performance requires more testing but based on my Honor 10 experience, and Kirin 980 7nm SoC clearly going to deliver optimal and efficient performance...I have no doubts.

Call quality, speaker performance (Dolby Atmos), network coverage options like WiFi, VoLTE all seamlessly working bout of the box.

EMUI 9.0 based on Android Pie gives you great experience, customisation options in notification, but launcher itself is outdated look (mimics iOS).

All iPhone features like navigation dock, FaceID(it is good for me) working fine. onscreen fingerprint sensor doesn't disappoint. I use navigation dock gestures for home screen, going back, close all like preview of apps in use kind of resembles iOS.

This is certainly no one handed phone for the most. It would be nice if they put a screen protector like they do it for Honor 10.

I have to get it's music capabilities yes I could find audio jack something that is becoming big discussion point.

It is IP68 rated for water resistant, it's AI capabilities in various things related to Face Recognition, Camera Portrait, Google lense a real advantage for auto focus etc

Overall, this is expensive but it's never a compromise. It has all capabilities of iPhone XS Max but almost 50% less! You won't complain for sure!

All the best and wishing you all a very happy new year!
Posted by Rama on 04-01-2019 at
Awesome phone with headset .. hey it's mine. 5.0 stars
I don't like the finger print scan it sucks really.. remaining it's the best ever phone that seen and touched.. ppl who purchased Samsung and I phones.. why not buy a phone which has everything, 3Dscanning, edge screen, oppo kind of front fingerprint, with lots of innovation.. just go for it..
Posted by Shiva on 03-01-2019 at
Beast in hand 5.0 stars
late Post
Bought it on 3rd December
Review after almost 25 days
I’m coming from Blackberry to IPhone to Mate 20 pro
I was not at all sure to switch to android but the feature of mate 20 pro couldn’t stop me to get on

Product is beast in performance
Huawei could’ve provided tempered glass / screen protector and camera lens protector
Its curve screen so very hard to get screen protector or tempered glass for mate 20 pro
When you keep your phone on desk or floor or Nywhwre camera lens are the one which are touched first

The most imp thing I cant find authenticate product for Mate 20 pro anywhere in market and when asked service center even they doesn’t have any care product for mate 20 pro
Posted by iraj on 31-12-2018 at
Wrong description 1.0 stars
The product doesn't have CDMA capability as the seller advertises.
Posted by DINESH KEJARIWAL on 30-12-2018 at
The overall performance is fantastic best flagship mobile 5.0 stars
The phone overall is absolutely beast.
Battery life is too good best in flagship mobiles.
Face recognition works absolutely great even in very dark.
Low light camera mode:- I don't know what they have done to this but this gives great quality of photo even in very low light.

The display though is same as galaxy s9 plus actually greater quality then that except the notch.

The notch can be disabled even the space can be used by the battery % or other things.

The camera is great especially the wide angle is absolutely fantastic.

The camera helps you to take the picture in 98% of situations in daily usage.

The battery gives u 7-8 hours of on screen.

If u play pubg or fortnite and use harsh or hard usage through out the day u still remain with 40% of battery before going to bed

The mobile charges very fast u cannot believe it.

It neads 10 min charge then done a day full of battery.

The front camera is not that good but okay in overall.

The mobile looks fantastic premium in hand.
Posted by Abhi on 30-12-2018 at
Great Phone 4.0 stars
I liked the phone very much but giving 4 stars due to a few issues.
Fingerprint sensor does not work all the time.
Notch is big
Selfie camera is not upto the mark in this price range.
See a little green screen on the sides
Notifications are not shown in the locked screen
Posted by sanchit on 28-12-2018 at