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Huawei Mate 20 Pro User Reviews

Review after 1 month 5.0 stars
You really can't go wrong with the battery life on this phone. Main priority and it nails it.
The camera is second to Google's photography but it definitely has it's optical advantages of the superior lenses.
The audio quality is OK i guess, don't really bust rhymes out of the speaker much so wasn't affected by the speaker placement behind the type C port.
Emui sucks. Get a 3rd party launcher as soon as you get it. But I must warn you that gesture navigation works really bad with 3rd party launchers.
Also, i am not a big fan of the color, i really expected a standard black color option but huawei for some reason thought it's a good idea to enter the Indian market with a green and twilight color options with no standard ones.
The standby time is hopeless unless you turn off all internet connections and put the phone on battery before going to bed.
You really can't find a much faster charging solution as of right now. I have seen it go from a dead cell to 90% in 35min. The last 10% is slow. Like OP6 dash charge speeds. Yes, i considered that as slow as you have no idea how quick this is to charge are 4200 battery to 90% in 35 min. It's stupid fast.
There are other gimmicks like reverse wireless charging which I've used it a few times, it's helpful when yyor friend has wireless charging and his battery is dead as battery never dies.
Here's the thing, my previous phone, samsung S8+, i charged it twice a day. I'm such a user.
And the same person could not kill the battery in one day of this beast.
Huawei really did many things right and I'm satisfied with that I've received.
Posted by Nandan on 20-01-2019 at
Excellent premium phone 5.0 stars
The good points have been listed by everyone already. Only con is the finger print sensor - Needs a lot of improvement. Face unlock is quick and works better on this phone. Another issue is the soft cover provided with the phone. It's not structured to protect the rear camera. One will have to go for a better cover built by third parties
Posted by Raja Iyer on 19-01-2019 at
Product is top quality. 5.0 stars
I still didn't get time for capture pic through the primary camera. Which was that much hype. But I capture selfie which is quiet good and as per expection. Headphone is good but I am not comfortable with the size so I am using the extension type c with audio jack. Quality is same.
Posted by Avijit Saha on 17-01-2019 at
Don't purchase 1.0 stars
Today just one month passed to use this mobile, A pink line mark come on screen, may be it is defective part given by Huawei. Tottaly unsatisfy, after a big deal, a big loss too
Posted by Tomer on 17-01-2019 at
Premium smartphone crusher 5.0 stars
I've been using this one for the past three days. Starting with the battery life its amazing. Whether you do gaming, watch Netflix it easily lasts for 6-8 hours. And on normal usage browsing and music it can easily get you by the day. Charging is super fast. It gains 1% every few seconds while charging. Display is amazing. Colours are very vibrant and punchy. Switching between apps. Opening and closing them is lightning fast. No lag at all no matter how many you pop open and close. Phone almost never heats up during usage. Though it gets a bit warm during extended camera usage. I'm talking about couple of mins here which indeed needs improvement. Camera is super fast at clicking, focusing and switching between modes as well. Camera's artificial intelligence is amazing as it easily selects the best mode depending on the scene to be clicked. 40 megapixel primary rear lens is a beast at producing some high resolution pics. Zooming is not allowed on this lens. So that's a bummer. Front 24 megapixel produces some good portraits as well. But the front camera needs a bit of an improvement. Hope they do this through software updates. Rear camera setup is amazing. Easily goes on par if not beyond pixel 3's capabilities. NIGHT MODE is really something on this device. But I would say not recommend for moving objects. But when the object of focus stays steady for 4 seconds then you see some miracles captured on your device. They are quite a few interesting filters and I guess more will be added to camera interface in the near future. Face unlock works like a charm even in darker environments. Finger print sensor needs a bit of an improvement. Works 7/10 times which needs to be fixed in future updates as well. On the whole this is the first Huawei phone I'm using and I can say that it easily outclasses other premium competitors. Hope to provide you with more information again after one month.
Posted by Khaja salauddin nomaan on 14-01-2019 at
Excellent phone... the only flagship of today with IR blaster. 5.0 stars
Excellent phone... the only flagship of today with IR blaster.
1. Rear Camera
2. Processing power
3. Ram management
4. Face Recognition
5. Battery Life
6. Form Factor and Design

Need Improvement:
1. Front Camera
2. EMUI Emotion UI/Launcher
3. In display fingerprint reader
4. Speaker overall performance
5. NFC payment for India
6. Software update frequency for India
Posted by Suman Pal on 12-01-2019 at
Not a killer!!! 3.0 stars
Camera is not upto the mark. Camera shots not producing a natural image like that of Apple. UI a major draw back for a phone of this value. Battery seems ok. Processing speed is good.
Posted by Babu on 10-01-2019 at
Latest technologies in mobile phone. 5.0 stars
This is a latest cutting edge technology phone. I like display, fastest charging, battery life,fast 3D face unlock, very good in hand feeling,flagship stylish look,SPEED NEVER SEEN BEFORE.I like gesture navigation. Dont like very small notification icon.No battery % display in notifications bar.I purchased on 3rd December with great launch offer. Huawei Amazon thanks.
Posted by JayK on 09-01-2019 at
Not much of difference between a 20k phone and this 70k phone. 1.0 stars
the performance is slick and as good as any top flagship like Note 9.
AI has lots of issues, its jst for the sake of sayin they have put this feature.
Charges preety quickly. in 45 minutes nearly 90%. The camera is good and few features are impressive however overall it could have been kept in the range of 30 to 38k. i dont see any worth and Note9 would have been a far superior buy..
Posted by Ashutosh Wattal on 07-01-2019 at
Very good all rounder 5.0 stars
Most of the features are very good, especially the camera. To make things clear I'll put down the pros and cons.

Coming to pros
1. Very good Camera hardware (The best combinations of 3 cameras)
2. Battery life
3. Display
4. Kirin 980 provides a very smooth experience
5. 40 watts fast charger
6. Face ID works very fine
7. Call reception and call quality
8. Unique design

1. Front camera
2. No headphone jack (Important for audiophiles)
3. The in-display fingerprint scanner is slow (hoping that it will be improved with updates)

From the above, we can say cons are not a big deal. The pros make it one the best smartphone available right now.
Overall, you will get more than what you pay for.
Posted by Bhupathi on 07-01-2019 at