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iPhone 13 Pro Max User Reviews

iPhone is depreciating asset ???????? 1.0 stars
According to me guys First of all I havent purchased iPhone Secondly according to me if you have this much budget of more than 1lakhs spending on mobile is not worth at all Infact you can invest that money on apple stock or other stock so that the money could get doubled in future bcoz buying iPhone is a depreciating asset Hope you understand ????
Posted by raghav on 29-09-2021 at amazon.in
This is a good year for the iPhone Pro Max 5.0 stars
Got this phone on launch day. Im quite happy with it. Upgraded from a 11 pro max. Pro That camera! All the camera lenses this year are pretty solid. Though I wish that the portrait mode lenses could be faster. Still very good quality though. The battery is pretty solid this year. I am ending the day with about 50-60% battery life. Tried out some games. There's no heating of the device at all The size of the phone is just right. Its a two handed phone, you should not be using it single handed at all. however, the 12 and 13 redesign with the flat edges make it easier to hold it in comparison to the 11. You will need to buy a case for it. Without a case, the phone will slip out of your hand. Cons No USB-C In the picture, the 11 is on the left and the 13 on the right.
Posted by AB on 27-09-2021 at amazon.in
Unreasonably expensive ! 2.0 stars
This is not really worth 1.3 lakhs ! Nothing is so great which asks for this price !! Same old notch, outdated design , no charger , even all these charger ,phone cover and screen guard costs another 5k ! Only buy if you really need it and it was your dream to have , people giving here 5 stars are those who dreamt of having Apple brand tag ,they are not really buying for any ground breaking technology !! Any phone around 60k-50k can do all the stuff this phone can do and more, if going for Chinese brands ,then even at 30-40k you will get very good phones which has better or same display battery backup almost same good camera !!
Posted by pavan on 27-09-2021 at amazon.in
From Iphone 6s plus to 13Pro Max 5.0 stars
I had One plus 8 pro last year which I sold for 26K thinking that i would use that money to buy 13 pro max but i ended up buying from apple store. So I had to use 6s plus for 3 months. Even though i got a new battery for 6s plus, it lasted from morning to evening and more apps would make the battery worst. I waited waited for 13 pro max and couldnt resist myself buying this on launch day. First of all I am gettng battery life of 2 days with moderate usage. ITs a huge leap from any phone i used till now. And back to Iphone from Android. I wanted to accept Android but iphone is damn smooth espcially with 120 hz, I noticed. I paried this with UAG case and SPigen protector and its lookng good damn good.
Posted by Dheeraj g. on 26-09-2021 at amazon.in