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iPhone 13 Pro Max User Reviews

Value for money 5.0 stars
Value for money
Posted by Gurdeep singh on 27-10-2021 at amazon.in
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB - Fastest performer and also longest battery life for 2021 5.0 stars
If you can enjoy iOS, then there is no other phone to get than this. Of course do not break the bank to get it, if you can get it you have the best phone of 2021. If you are into Android, get the Galaxy S21 Ultra. I would advise Fold3 given the strange aspect ratio for content and some gaming but they are good for spreadsheets and mails. But even my use case permits Fold3 is still too fragile, in a gaming session of say Brawl Stars you can press the screen too hard to make a bump, nope cant do that. If you really need the best camera on your phone for 2021 go for iPhone 13 Pro/Max, or S21 Ultra. If you need more for video, nothing beats ProRez and even normal 4k30 video than iPhones. Best part about 13 Pro Max, best battery, on-point loudspeaker really wide soundstage for tiny phone speaker, the best vibration motor, best camera videos, top 2 in camera stills, insanely good screen very mad bright, and day 1 beta/dev updates unlike any android phones that too for min 5 years (assuming you keep the phone that long), and cause of the update factor best value among ultra flagship phones. Screen on time for me is around 8-10 hours depending on usage, the battery easily lasts me 1.5 days, with non-heavy use can easily do 2 days. I always rock two daily drivers, my primary 13 Pro Max, secondary OP 7T. I do not have any issue with Android, in fact iPhone for the last 6 years or so has always been my secondary phone given some of its limitations but with the last few gens of iOS, it has gone quite a power user friendly if not as much as Android. If you can afford it go for it, iPhone 13 Pro Max the best money can buy!
Posted by James on 27-10-2021 at amazon.in
Best phone 5.0 stars
Best phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Posted by Lolla on 21-10-2021 at amazon.in
No value for money! 2.0 stars
The phone is undoubtedly good, apart from the never changing ugly notch in its 4th generation. Face unlock with mask is useless. Exta cloud storage for extra money and other additional charges, plus lack of memory cards is pure mark of consumerism and capitalism. Removing charger and headphone is not done! How is a person supposed to use basic necessities of phone without this? With Google adding to Samsungs already powered phones, Apple should rethink it's strategy, or it will become another Nokia.
Posted by Apoorva P. on 20-10-2021 at amazon.in
Do not buy 1.0 stars
Waste of money dont buy it you can buy techno spark it's 100000 times better than this don't buy it
Posted by Ajay k. on 19-10-2021 at amazon.in
Best phone I had ever seen 5.0 stars
Exellent phone and best for gamers beacause of its proccesor and specs best phone in the world I cant express how good phone is this.
Posted by Akshat on 19-10-2021 at amazon.in
Best in all iPhones. 5.0 stars
Point wise 1.battery is good 2.display quality is great 3. Camera is also improved from the previous one 4.great performance with processor 5. Gaming experience is excellent.
Posted by Dr.Amit on 19-10-2021 at amazon.in
Bad 1.0 stars
Worst iphone ever bad camera bad battery life and the main thing is hype is created it is worst .
Posted by A on 14-10-2021 at amazon.in
Sold my kidney 5.0 stars
Awesome ???? my dream phone very useful suggest you to buy . Very rate high product by Apple but bessst
Posted by Harsh on 14-10-2021 at amazon.in
Very good & Great battery life 5.0 stars
Initial impressions are good, Sierra blue color is also good, camera is v. good , also good in low light, Attached one sample food pic in artificial lighting. & Best thing is Battery life, it can easily last 2 days with medium to heavy usage.
Posted by Akash on 01-10-2021 at amazon.in