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Huawei Honor 8X User Reviews

Very good cellphone ????. 5.0 stars
It is a very good phone I was little bit confused which to buy wait for asus zenfone max pro m2 or honor 8x. But when i saw detailed reviews of honor 8x i immediately purchased this mobile.
Their r few reasons to buy honor 8x for me
1. 12nm processor (2.2Ghz)
2. Battery efficiency (AI)
3. Glass body and unique design with metal frames.
4. Chin is very small compaired to other ???? in this range(because of on chip display technology)
5. Camera is very good both(front and back).(AI camera)
6. Gaming is awesome (PUBG supports GPU Tarbo) mindblowing graphics.
And also thanks to amazon.
1. Good delivery ????
2. Secure package.
Thank u honor and thank u amazon team.

Friends go for it without any doubts. Far better than Asus Max Pro M2.
Posted by Debjani Datta on 01-01-1970 at
HONOR 8X Good Mobile 5.0 stars
Honor 8X
Display 8/10
Audio 7/10
Battery 8/10
Camera 9/10
Build Quality 10/10
Call quality 9/10
Wifi signal strength 9/10
Sim signal strength 9/10
Processor 9/10
No Heating issues
Battery is good lightly battery draining issues not that much dont worry i think they will fix in update

Audio Quality in Speakers and 3.5 mm Jack not giving so crystal clear audio quality so i downloaded Jet Audio Plus audio Player Paid Version and in Equalizer we must enable AM3D Audio Enhancer Paid Version now Total Audio Quality changed now it gives crystal clear audio quality good quality sound.

Video Player in built player HEVC Format not playing smoothly audio video not syncing But i Downloaded VLC Player it plays smoothly
Please fix in next update camera performance audio quality and battery better backup
Posted by Pratap on 01-01-1970 at
Great phone with scope of improvement 4.0 stars
I have been using this phone since 25th Oct, and honestly i have mixed feelings about the device(mostly good), so i am going to divide my review in Pros and Cons and will let you decide if you can live with the cons or not.

1. Phone just feels great: when you open the phone from box, it feels so premium and stylish, you will fall in love with it then and there.
2. High quality Screen: the screen looks really nice and the quality is 10/10. you will get premium phones high quality Screen experience, honor has make sure of that.
3. Battery: I was very Impressed with the battery performance, if you are a regular user who use the phone for usual stuff like calls, social networking and moderate gaming or video watching, then the battery can even last more than 24hrs easily.
and even for moderate to advanced users, the Battery is not something to worry about for full working day.
4. UI - User interface is user friendly and has something for everyone, certainly much better than my last phone - Xiaomi MI Max.
5. Bigger display - whooping 6.5 inch display is simply a treat to watch, even the notch management is top notch(pun intended :-D), specially if you like to watch video in phone, then certainly this phone can give really good viewing experience.
6. screen cover and backcase: kudos to Honor for their Backcase and screen guard with the box, the quality of both are good and certainly you dont need to buy these separately(if you dont have anything specific in your mind).
7. Ram Management: Ram management is good with phone and you wont face any issues with Ram related performance, hence you can be assured for good gaming experience specially on moderate settings.

1. Phone Hanging Issue: this was really a shocker, i never imagined that i ll face frozen screen issue within first week of phone, i have faced frozen screen issue multiple times and its really frustrating, hopefully someone from Honor check this and rectify this with software updates.
2. Camera Quality: well, i am a little disappointed with camera quality specially when it has 20(back) and 16(front) Megapixel shooters. its not bad but more like hit or miss, the quality is not consistent, i am guessing honor can take this up and fix it with software updates. i ll try to put some samples pics later sometime.
3. long charging time: more than 2 to 2.5 hrs is certainly not a feel good factor for me.
4. Speaker volume: what to say, it is low. Although doesnt matter much to me as i hardly use speaker for calls except Whatsapp or other video calls.
5. audio playback of media even when phone is kept on silent: This is something which troubled me in office, even when my phone is in silent/vibration mode, while playing video on social media sites, the Audio playback is not silenced. this can put you in awkward situation sometimes(personal experience :P) , although i really hope Honor fix this with updates.

My overall conclusion: Overall i really loved the phone and most of the issues i have seen and witnessed, can be fixed with software updates, hopefully Honor realize the same and work on it to fix the issues.
having said that Phone is definitely packed with brownie points, specially crisp and bigger display, long lasting battery and premium feel of the phone, these features really makes it a great product at this price range.
Posted by Gaurav Ujjain on 01-01-1970 at
Histen Audio is no match for Dolby Atmos 5.0 stars
This phone has excellent features but fails in the audio department. Missing my exchanged Lenovo K4 Note with Dolby Atmos & stereo speakers...
Posted by Rajesh Chauhan on 01-01-1970 at
do not purchase honor 8x 1.0 stars
major issues with Honor 8x are:-
1) Sim card slot 2 is having a issue/faulty, cellular network reception is very low on sim card slot 2 / secondary sim card. Everyone purchased this mobile, do the blancco app testing for sim slot diagnostics.
2) Network data speed is very slow compared to other mobiles.
3) Poor screen quality, low resolution, It does not look actually a Full HD+ display viewing experience.
4) Speaker sound is very low.
Posted by Certified Customer on 01-01-1970 at
Great phone with pathetic camera 0.0 stars
Basically Im oneplus3t phone user from past 2 years and so this honor 8x actually is downgrade for me :). Yes
Posted by on 01-01-1970
Best phone under 15k 5.0 stars
Best device under this price range.... If you want to buy a phone under 15k you must go for this... I bought it after researching alot.... It is better than redmi note5pro and Nokia 6.1... Actually only Nokia can stand with this one redmi and realme 2 pro both are very inferior... Best thing I like about the phone is
5.features of EMUI
You will not believe that this is the best phone ????
Posted by Siddhnat Mishra on 01-01-1970 at
Looks Like Pro... But performing Like.......?? 3.0 stars
Hi Friends.
Mobile looking very Nice.
Picture Quality.
Display resolution also very well.
Ram Management also... OK. (NOT great)
User Interface is Good.

Average Battery Life.

I expected more than Mi A1. But Honor 8x giving a below average pictures.. Only 2x Zoom is there but if u zoom 2x there blur in picture. Specifications shows 20mp + 2mp but this mobile performance is like below 10 mp single camera. If you are a camera Lover better dont buy this.

Sound Quality
Very Low out put.

Better think twice before purchase.
Posted by Hemanth on 01-01-1970 at
Hands On Honor 8X- After Use Review 4.0 stars
Bought Honor 8X 4GB/64GB Variety for my office Staff and giving this review after using this phone.
I got this phone at 13100 after applying Bank Cashback and No Cost EMI Cashback of 458, so Kudos to Amazon Great India Sales.
Now coming up on the user experience after use:
1. Design is Superb and feel good in Hand. The Glossy dual-Tone Glass Back look gives Visual Grating Effect.
2. TPU Back Cover and Pre-Installed basic screen cover makes this Phone as Ready To Use condition.
3. Fingerprint scanner and face unlock work flawlessly and gives faster opening without lag.
4. DUAL Sim+Dedicated Micro SD card Slot for adding more GB and extra storage to this device as per the need and usage.
5. Dedicated Headphone jack is another good option is available in this phone.
6. Moderate multitasking experience.
7. Screen Size 6.6 Inch with 1080x2340 provides crisp and clear screen.
8. 3750 mAh battery last long and gives more than 1 Day of battery life in normal usages.
9. 16MP frond Camera gives crisp and clear images with detailing and depth effect.

1. Back camera is not upto the mark and image quality is also not good, gives some un-natural colour looks like used 3rd Party App for image enhancement. so back camera sucks.
2. I personally dont like the default keyboard as its has many options in one keys which create a lot of confusion while typing and messaging.
3. Night Mode camera is also not useful and images are very un-natural and less detailing.
4. Portrait Mode, Aperture Mode is Pathetic.
5. No Fast Charging and Micro USB port.

Final Verdict.
Yes Indeed its a very effordable mid range smart phone with lots of features under camera and other many user features available in this phone. Some issues with the camera images but otherwise it is a good phone with lot many features which we needed in our day to day usages. But if you have some more budget then you can try some other handset available between 20K-30K.
Posted by SK Singh?? on 01-01-1970 at
Budget Dual Lens AI Camera Phone with looks of flagship phone 4.0 stars
Writing after 3 weeks of usage
Value for Money 13500(received cashback)
My first Honor phone and it rocks

Looks 10/10 - 91% screen coverage(the chin is very small) and shiny metal back cover gives value for money probably best in 15k category
3 slots dual VolTe+ memory slot 10/10 - This should be defacto but some budget phone just have 2 slots, dual sim or sim + memory
Battery Management and power saving options 9/10- 3750mAH seems to be enough for FHD(1080p), easily lasts day, battery saver and ultimate battery saver mode present
EMUI 8.2ver 9/10 is pretty fast they have done well for auto switch mode between 1080p and 780p for battery management
Face unlock will open the lock and show the app screen automatically 10/10 - even iPhone face unlock just unlocks and u need to touch to show the app screen. It does not work under low light as it needs to see no of points on your face to unlock.
Eye comfort mode and sunlight mode - protects your eyes even in long hour of binge video watching and auto brighten up screen in low light
Convenient finger unlock 10/10- that is somehow missing in RealMe my competing choice with this option
20 MP +2 MP Dual lens AI Camera Phone 8/10 - usual Bokeh(Portrait) mode, Night mode, AR lens, super slow motion at this price is good but does not perform well in low light condition. Again i am casual photographer, people competing with SLR like quality should refrain from this phone even though it provides professional mode with lots of options
Twin applications - use 2 accounts of whatsapp/facebook simultaneously as provided by other Honor phones, not used it but there are lot of special features on honor EMUI that you can use(you can check the same by searching on Honor 8x hidden features)

Sound 6/10 - ok with normal headphones but will work better only with better amplifier headset, earphones for audiophiles and avid music listeners, single speaker and dolby atmos missing that is provided by Lenovo K6, my previous phone
Video record without stabilization - Honor needs to provide this feature soon as this is camera phone and competing with Redmi Y2 that is providing the video stabilization feature at 10k
4K recording missing - I do not bother this as I am casual photographer, if you are particular for video recording elctronic stabilization and 4k recording go for Honor Play(20k), Oppo f1s vivo
Flash Charge/ Fast Charging(Type C) - again not so much needed for me but if you need it go for Honor Play(20k), Oppo F7, Vivo V11

I am not gamer hence no priority there, please checkout other reviews

In summary, if you are casual photographer and wants to use AI camera phone as first camera phone with good looks and superior battery management, can go upto 15k budget, this phone is for you. Serious photographers can refrain from this phone and go for Honor Play, Oppo F9, Vivo v11.
Posted by Pagla on 01-01-1970 at