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iPhone 13 Pro Max User Reviews

It gives you confidenance whenever you are holding this in your hand. 4.0 stars
Battery live is osm
Posted by Brajesh Kumar on 27-02-2022 at amazon.in
Best phone 5.0 stars
Best phone
Posted by RAHUL VAIDYA ROY on 27-02-2022 at amazon.in
Verified purchase 5.0 stars
Apple is 
Posted by Romit on 26-02-2022 at amazon.in
Ultimate phone but costly 5.0 stars
This model is Very good one to use with excellent battery backup and display, but very very costly. So if money is easy then you can go for it.
Posted by MSN on 23-02-2022 at amazon.in
Very good product 5.0 stars
Best peace by apple
Posted by roop singh on 20-02-2022 at amazon.in
Good product 5.0 stars
Value of investment
Posted by skpro info on 19-02-2022 at amazon.in
The best I Phone So far! 5.0 stars
Its my first time into Apple phones and voila I did a high jump from One plus 6 to I phone 13 Pro max. Being a seasoned Android User for many years, It's quite obvious that it takes time to get used to I Phone but the battery is the actual go for, I use two sim (one physical and one e-sim) and getting a decent battery back up (if not for extensive connection with Airpods or headphones). The picture quality is impressive and phone is surely a head turner (You know, It's an I phone and in India I phone is a sign of reputation). I got it from US during the back friday sale last year and I must mention that Indian price is too expensive, which is somewhere 75k extra compared to US(Mine is 256gb variant) The Phone is heavy and huge to be held in a palm unless you have a big palm you find difficult to use the other end of the screen. The sound quality is a lit. I got the caseborne phone case from US(Unfortunately not sold in India) and its a must have for such an expensive stuff. Get ready to be noticed while you are on the streets ! ;)
Posted by Shashank G G on 17-02-2022 at amazon.in
Is this a joke? 3.0 stars
 Heavy phone.. Clean and sharp finish .. Gorgeous phone
Posted by Amazon Customer on 16-02-2022 at amazon.in
Awesome !! 5.0 stars
Took the chance to order from Amazon and loved it totally !! Camera and specially videos are perfect, and overall totally awesome mobi! Love the feel of it ! Battery is Top as it lasts for such a long time. This is one of the major feature of this model.Worth the investment :) The best one in the market ! I got Grey variant ! Feels like a handy DSLR! Love it :)
Posted by Susmita on 15-02-2022 at amazon.in
Buy from abroad 1.0 stars
Dont even think about buying from India. If you consider the Indian price not even remotely worth it. Only if you can have some relative/friend bring it with them from US/Canada then the price of about 83-85k starts to make some sort of sense. Even at that price I wonder how many people would find this actually worth it. Except apple addicts
Posted by Swapnajoy N. on 15-02-2022 at amazon.in