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iPhone 13 Pro Max User Reviews

Got a defective piece. The phone shutdowns randomly several times! 1.0 stars
I was expecting a very good quality control from Apple, but my unit was defective, it shutdowns randomly and I have turn it on again! Very ugly experience
Posted by Planet Ladakh on 13-02-2022 at amazon.in
Awesome 5.0 stars
Great phone super fast and the battery is just brilliant
Posted by Anup Jyoti on 12-02-2022 at amazon.in
Great phone 5.0 stars
Apple is apple. Fantastic phone. Great battery life. Good photos & videos.
Posted by Jayaprakash Pillai on 07-02-2022 at amazon.in
The best. Period. 5.0 stars
I love everything about the 13 pro max. From the gloriously bright and vibrant display to the enormous battery life. This phone does it all. Seriously, and the cameras? Bloody brilliant. Highly recommend the 512gb and up for those interested in prores video recording. Is it expensive? Bloody yeah but worth every penny.
Posted by A. Dumbledore. on 06-02-2022 at amazon.in
good as usual 5.0 stars
well i am using apple products from 2004 so nothing much i would say i always find good things in products…as far as this product (i phone 13 promax) is concerned its a bit better than previous one especially i enjoy cinematic mode …its amazing…you have a phone+ one premium quality camera
Posted by suresh singh on 06-02-2022 at amazon.in
Good like ???? it 5.0 stars
I love ❤️ I phone ????????
Posted by Jahidul i. on 04-02-2022 at amazon.in
Product is good but the delivery was late and the delivery boy got to me wait alot 4.0 stars
An iphone is iphone is iphone
Posted by Shardul Puri on 31-01-2022 at amazon.in
This is my 5th Apple Phone 5.0 stars
I have started using apple phone from version 5S, since then been loyal customers with apple. Used 5S,6SPlus,8s plus and 11 but never seen such a wonderful phone upgrade in terms of camera and battery in 13 pro max. In between tried to use android but within a month gave to my niece. No show off but i like the ios then android.they give what is required. Coming to 13 pro max Bigger in size and i love the screen size, It is heavy though. Camera is top notch. I love taking photos of my son activities. Battery is amazing. Very fast processing and the 120 hertz refresh frequency is i can say good. The brightness is really good. Cons i feel it is really expensive i paid 1149 pound.
Posted by Pritam on 30-01-2022 at amazon.in
Superb Phone 5.0 stars
1st thing 1st... Look -- Very good looking phone and feel premium when you hold it. A refresh rate of 120Hz is good to feel on 13 pro max. Camera quality is just superb, pics from 13 pro max looks more real as compare to other premium segments which are using more AI and color combinations. Battery life is also outstanding, with normal use a fully charged can go up to 2 days. Very smooth and fast performance. Just go for it.
Posted by Sudhanshu Singh on 30-01-2022 at amazon.in
worst quality for the price 1.0 stars
small scratches and paint damages on the body
Posted by DAMODHAR S on 29-01-2022 at amazon.in