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iPhone 13 Pro Max User Reviews

Good product from apple processor of A15chip is cool and fast screening also in ultrahd 4.0 stars
Good product from apple processor of A15chip is cool and fast screening also in ultrahd battery life is also good as we excepted
Posted by Teja on 29-01-2022 at amazon.in
Kidney ???? 5.0 stars
Bhai Kisi Ke Pass Koi Kidney Extra Ho Toh Le Lo ???????? Mene Apni Dono Eyes Daan Karke Liya ???????????????? Ab Gf Khush Hai Aur Main Dhukhi. ????????
Posted by SUMeet BANsal on 26-01-2022 at amazon.in
Think carefully before buying 2.0 stars
The product is good but think carefully before buying from here. Apple has new warranty policies. In case of defective product you will not get a replacement no matter whatever is mentioned here. I received a defective device and did not get a replacement from amazon.
Posted by Prachi D. on 25-01-2022 at amazon.in
Upgrade from apple 7 to apple 13 pro max 4.0 stars
After period of 5 years upgraded from 7 to apple 13 pro max, Apple 13 pro max can be used happily for 5 years. Not purchased from Amazon sharing my experience , purchased from apple.com got it in 24 hrs. Handset is heavy. Apple when charging premium has not provided adapter C type 20W which is additional expense of 1900
Posted by kamesh on 24-01-2022 at amazon.in
Worth 5.0 stars
Bought it in Oct 2021 last week. Iphone 13 pro max 1 TB. Its a beast, thats what they say and its true. It took balls to buy it but yes, you will get the feeling of One ☝️
Posted by Shiv on 21-01-2022 at amazon.in
Not worthy for its price 2.0 stars
Too expensive for its features. Product isn’t that efficient per the price value . Such a huge waste of money.
Posted by Jayta Sen Shukla on 19-01-2022 at amazon.in
Before having this phone I had 2 kidneys but no girlfriend but after buying this now I have 1 kidney and one girlfriend. So Guys now I have 1 iPhone, 1 Kidney and 1 Girlfriend. BEST DEAL, dont miss it.
Posted by ksarora on 16-01-2022 at amazon.in
The Best 5.0 stars
So initially when i bought this iphone i was bit worried as the seller was not trusted as per youtube and even some reviews mentioned that the seller is sending fake products but trusting amazon i bought the iphone and it turnedout to be a good decision The iphone is perfectly new, the batter life is just awsm
Posted by Anonymous on 15-01-2022 at amazon.in
What was apple thinking? 3.0 stars
This phone is so heavy and slippery and hard to hold. It has given me muscle strains and I can’t hold stuff in my hand properly using grip because of the weight and holding the phone in hand for long.
Posted by Aniket Magar on 13-01-2022 at amazon.in
Cable is missing 5.0 stars
Cable missing product has delivered but cable not in the box
Posted by yogeshchandra on 11-01-2022 at amazon.in